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Zipset Protective Sleeves/Grow Tubes sheltering a grapevine.

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Examples of personalized Zipset Protective Sleeves/Grow Tubes.

vineyard, protective sleeves, peach grove, tree protection, paper plant protectors

Zipset Protective Sleeves/Grow Tubes in a peach tree grove in Palisade, CO.

Zipset Protective Tree and Vine Sleeves are a cost effective paperboard barrier which protect planted crops from sun, wind, and herbicide application. They also provide a micro-environment which supports the transition of plants from nursery to field.

We do not use any glues or chemicals during our manufacturing process - maintaining a greener, more sustainable product in the field. 

Our paper plant protectors are made from biodegradable milk carton paperboard and they are economically priced between 12 and 42 cents each, depending on the size and quantity. In fact, for the cost of one plastic protector, as many as 10 vines can be protected with Monarch's paper plant protectors.

  • Standard size for fruit and nut trees is 3” square x 18″ tall.

  • Standard sizes for vines are 3 ¾” square x 18" , 20”, 24” and 30” tall.

  • Custom sizes are available.

  • Custom printing is available.

All paper vine protectors come with a slot for a stake and a “pop-out” tie hole that can be used to tie the sleeve to the stake, if desired.


Monarch's Paper Plant Protectors can be custom printed in one color for free, for full truck load orders. Quantity on a truck depends on the size ordered. More than one color has additional costs.

Ask us about your printing needs!

Please contact us for a quote for large quantities, or special orders.

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