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Zipset Plant Bands and Zipset Propagation Trays.


After three months of greenhouse growth, grapevines in Zipset Plant Bands and Zipset Bench Graft Propagation Trays are fit and ready for transplanting.


Blue Spruce seedlings planted in Zipset Plant Bands and a 6” Zipset Propagation Tray for an accelerated growth program at Michigan State University.


Zipset Propagation Trays are designed for Zipset Plant Bands. They are an ideal size for many other containers and are also very easy to move by nursery workers. Made of recyclable polyethylene-plastic and packaged flat for efficient shipping, these Zipset Propagation Trays will bring efficiency and ease to your nursery operation. There are three sizes to choose from to suit any propagation need, from houseplants to trees.


  • 12” x 12” x 4″ tall

  • 12”x 12” x 6″ tall

  • 10” x 16” x 6“ tall

Stuewe & Sons, Inc. is the exclusive retailer of Zipset Plant Bands and Propagation Trays. Please contact them for all of your plant band and tray purchases.

Click here to order with Steuwe & Sons, Inc.

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