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Vine Protectors, paper plant protector, vineyard, biodegradable plant protectors


For over 50 years, Monarch Manufacturing has been supporting the needs of the grapevine, fruit tree, nut tree, and greenhouse industries.

We produce tree and vine protectors out of eco-friendly paperboard; which means less plastic and more recyclable. Our paper does not include any PFAS and we do not use any other harsh chemicals or any glues during our manufacturing process. 

Based in a rural community in Colorado, Monarch Manufacturing strives to promote a greener world through minimizing our carbon footprint, reducing plastic in fields, and promoting plant growth internationally. 

Our Zipset tree and vine protectors, plant bands, and propagation trays (specifically designed for Zipset Plant Bands) are manufactured in the United States.

Paper plant protectors and plant bands are eco-friendly and sustainable. Our protectors are heat sealed (no glue), and last an average of 18-24 months in the field.


Protecting your plants from sun and wind exposure, as well as herbicide spray is our goal when transitioning plants from nursery to field, or to aid in established rootstock. 

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Paperboard plant protectors for tree and vine protection. Shop quantities for small projects. Contact us for larger quantities, special orders, or special requests! 

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